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banner rotator creator Banner Rotator Creator instantly make the code online to have a free, custom banner rotator system that uses images of any size and format, is simple for you to set-up and will work on any website. The banner rotator creator is perfect for webmasters that wish to have an ad banner rotator system that can be easily set-up their website. The banner rotator creator allows the webmaster to choose any size image and use any image format such as gifs, jpgs, bmps, pngs, etc. giving a wide choice of options for your website. The banner rotator creator can even run different size ads at the same time. The code created uses javascript so it is compatible with any operating system. If your visitor has javascript disabled in their browser a default ad will be shown so your server won't serve a page without displaying an ad. Make your own ads.

banner rotator creator onlinebanner rotator creator

  1. The banner rotator creator can handle up to 10 banners of any size in any image format such as gif's, png's, jpg's, bmp's, etc.

  2. Upload them to your website and write down the address of each one, number one is also the default banner so decide which one you want that to be.

  3. Enter the address of each image into the creator then enter the destination address, which can be different for each one.

  4. Enter the alternate text for each, that is the text that pops up when you move your mouse over the image. That can also be different for each one.

  5. Enter the height and width of each image as measured in pixels. You can use different sizes if you wish.

  6. Check the borders box if you want image borders and check the click target box if you want a new window to open. Leave it unchecked to open in the same window.

  7. Click the Make It button, then copy the code from the box. Put the banner rotator code onto your page wherever you want them to show. That's it!

Real Time Example

The ad below is the banner rotator creator code in action, if you refresh this page you will see the banners rotate.

BIA = The banner image address can be in any image format gif, png, jpg, bmp, etc.
CTA = Click Through Address the page you are sent to when you click the banner.
ALT = the text that pops up when you move your mouse over the banner.
Ad Height = the height of the image in pixels.
Ad Width = the width of the image in pixels.

BIA 1:CTA 1:
ALT 1:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 2:CTA 2:
ALT 2:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 3:CTA 3:
ALT 3:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 4:CTA 4:
ALT 4:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 5:CTA 5:
ALT 5:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 6:CTA 6:
ALT 6:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 7:CTA 7:
ALT 7:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 8:CTA 8:
ALT 8:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 9:CTA 9:
ALT 9:Ad Height:   Ad Width:
BIA 10:CTA 10:
ALT 10:Ad Height:   Ad Width:

Click Target: Check this box to open the click through addresses into a new window.
Borders: Check this box to have image borders.

Terms Of Use: What's this?

Our banner rotator creator is provided with the hope that it will be useful. By using this online tool you agree that 1 Page Design and it's administrators are not liable for any damages created directly or indirectly resulting from the use of this tool. See our terms of use page for more info.

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