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Warthog Launch Game and Game Code

warthog launch game code Warthog Launch Game place hand grenades strategically under the warthogs to launch the vehicle up into the air while trying to collide with and remove the floating targets in one try. To win use your mouse to move the sliders at the bottom of the game to change the quantity of hand grenades and their location under the vehicle to change the launch power and trajectory.

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Sorry, you will need the Flash Player to play Warthog Launch Game.

Warthog Launch Game Code:

<a href="https://www.1pagedesign.com/games/warthog_launch/warthog_launch.php">Warthog Launch</a>
This code will look like this:
Warthog Launch

::: Or :::
<a href="https://www.1pagedesign.com/games/warthog_launch/warthog_launch.php"><img src="http://www.yourserver/warthog.png" height="60" width="75"></a>
This code will look like this:
warthog launch game

Feel free to copy the small warthog launch thumbnail image above to use with your code. Please upload it to your server to help us conserve bandwidth. Don't forget to change the src in the image tag to point to the location of the thumbnail on your server. Enjoy!!

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